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Olympic Word Cloud

By Wordle Master

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games have started and the world is tuning in. I have always loved the Olympics and still can get choked up watching Americans stand on the podium and the National Anthem plays. There are some events that I don’t appreciate, but the overall feeling of the Olympics is awesome. The Opening Ceremony this time around was fun and interesting, although it seems like Sir Paul has lost a bit of his mojo in his old age. I made this word cloud out of the London 2012 Olympic logo and it contains all of the hosting cities through the years. I hope you enjoy the Olympics and I hope you enjoy the wordle!




Wimbledon Word Cloud

By Wordle Master

With the 2012 Wimbledon Championship wrapping up this weekend I thought I’d put a wordle out there made out of the names of the past champions from 1968 – 2011. You can see where there are names that jump out immediately establishing themselves as dominant. Between the Williams sisters and Billie Jean King there are few that can compete with the number of championships between them.

I hope you enjoy this Wimbledon Wordle and share it with every one you know. If you would like to see your word cloud here just submit it using the link to the left!